Medjugorje Departures

February 28 – March 4
March 11 – March 18
March 31 – April 7
April 29 – May 6
May 28 – June 4
October 28 – November 4
November 26 – December 3
December 30 – January 5

Itinerary Summary:

Day 1 – Depart U.S.A.
If you are thinking about a visit to Medjugorje, or maybe just curious, do not hhesitate, there is still time. The Blessed Mother still appears every day to three of the remaining visionaries. Meet the local villagers and hear them tell of personally seeing a light travel from the hill of apparition across the fields and stop on the church where the visionaries were praying. We depart together from the USA, for a European flight connection, then arrive the next day in the village.

Day 2 – Croatia
High in the mountains lies a valley where thin clouds streak mistily through the sky over the Hill of Apparitions, Cross Mountain and St. James as our Mother waits for you with Jesus to fill your emptiness. In daily Mass, Rosary and diverse prayer gatherings including the Stations of the Cross, Our Mother points the way for you to see, to hear and to feel His call like the days of old. Each day the gently blowing breeze or even the mighty roaring of God’s love and our Mother’s prayer take away your doubts, your sorrows, your weaknesses and give you peace. Meet His disciples – the visionaries – as they pray with you, and for you, teach you how to surrender, reassure you of God’s love and remind you He is with you always. Before the Tabernacle in His presence, a soundless sigh, an awareness of a person other than yourself, not really a spoken voice but more like a feeling, more like a conscience; this is the Gospa as She gathers us around Her each evening through daily Mass, and the Rosary.   Daily prayer meetings, rosary and Mass are scheduled. We meet and talk with Just as Moses never left his staff of faith, she now begs us to transform our desert with the Rosary. So people come to Medjugorje, just as they came before the Tabernacle. True Prophets always call us back to prayer and fasting. (Written by Fr. Eric on pilgrimage with us.)   

We have been Devoted….Since we are guests of of Mirjana & Marko we experience their warm hospitality.
When arriving in Croatia, we are met and driven to Medjugorje. Since we stay in family homes – we are welcomed into their home where they prepare your meals – it feels as if you are at home. It’s still the  custom to have grandparents and parents’ children with their children in the same house  living together. We are close by, only a leisurely 3 minute walk, about 60 feet from St. James Church.
View map of Medjugorje

medjugorje map

  Vicka had said in 1991 when she visited the USA and spoke to our group “It’s so evident that those people (pilgrims) are protected by Our Lady. This is so obvious. They don’t have to be afraid of coming to (Medugorje). ” 

Day 3 – Medjugorje – A window to heaven
In 1981 when Fr. Jozo was imprisoned, Fr. Tomislav Pervan became the next pastor of St. James. Since 1984, we have been under the supervision of the Franciscans in Medjugorje. He advised us to have our pilgrims taken care of in Medjugorje not only by a guide approved by the church but by one who lives there as well. Our guide coordinates meeting the visionaries at their home and all other events.



Day 4 & 5 – A Place Called Peace – Apparition Hill   Oasis of Peace
We follow the path to start the climb up Apparition Hill where they first saw the Blessed Mother. Many times Ivan, Vicka and Marija would often gather with their prayer groups to pray before the Blessed Mother appeared to them. Vicka told us the Blessed Mother had shown her Paradise, Purgatory and Hell and asked her to pray for the souls in Purgatory. On another occasion when Lois and our pilgrims stayed at Jacov’s home he told us of the time he and others were praying for Fr. Jozo when Fr. Jozo had appeared to him even though he was still imprisoned. In Church at the Hour of Mercy – 3:00 p.m. – the moment of Jesus’ death on the cross, at this hour, Our Lord revealed to Bl. Faustina, you can obtain everything for yourself and for others for the asking and to: …immerse yourself in prayer where you happen to be, if only for a very brief instant.  There is time to visit the nearby cave of the martyrs’. 

Day 6 – 7 Medjugorje – A time of great grace  Blue Cross                                            Geographically, the village of Medjugorje is remote and not easily accessible. Don’t be discouraged. We  slowly climb up Cross Mountain meditating along the way on His Passion and the Stations of the Cross. Many cures have taken place here such as – Multiple Sclerosis, brain tumors, cancer, blindness – all medically documented cures. At the Blue Cross or on the pathway through the fields where the visionaries first ran to hide from the secret police, walking this holy ground frees you and heals you. What graces you will receive. How can you deny yourself?

Historical Catholic Croatia – Dubrovnik
Our guided visit b
egins as we drive along the Adriatic Coastline this morning for Dubrovnik. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, it’s a fairy tale city come to life with ramparts and a wooden draw-bridge with no vehicles allowed within its walls. Visit Dubrovnik‘s Mala Strana, the Renaissance fortress Monastery of the Holy Savior and the Churches of St. Roc and St. Ignatius and incorrupt body of St. Sylvan. This evening we return in time for dinner, Mass and the daily apparition. (optional)

Day 8 – Return home.

  • Pray & meet with the visionaries
  • Place where Blessed Virgin first appeared
  • Apparition Hill prayer meeting (Podbrdo)
  • Rosary Procession
  • Stations of the Cross Devotion
  • Cross Mountain – (Mount Krizevac)
  • The signs of Medjugorje
    • Oasis of Peace
    • Cenacolo
    • Mother’s Village
  • Blue Cross
  • Risen Christ
  • Adoration Chapel
  • Meetings & Conferences with Fr. Svet/Fr. Branko…
  • Prayer conversations
  • Fr. Jozo prayer and healing service (when available)
  • St. James Parish evening devotions
  • Prayer books
  • Divine Mercy prayers
  • Evening vigil and rosary

Franciscan appointed local guide

Highlights included at a glance:

A Spiritual Director goes with our groups. Some of our Spiritual Directors:     Sr. Norma Pimentel, Fr. Bill O’Reilly, Fr. Joe Delgado, Fr. Robert Burch (May), Fr. David Draim , Fr. Hensy, Fr. Bruno, Br. Richard-SOLT, Fr. Don Zimmerman, Fr. Tom Smith , Fr. Bob Carrol, Fr. Tom Rodriquez, Fr. Ed Birch, Fr. Dan Schreiter, Fr. Stan Smolenski, Fr. Don Campbell, Fr. John Barrett, Fr. Dan Gallagher, Mother Mary Assumpta,  Fr. John Heil, Fr. Tan, Sr. Mary Carol, Deacon Ted Smith, Fr. Sunny, Sr. Maria, Br. Jo

Special Peace Center Tours features include:
Our local Peace Center Tours guide, trained by Fr. Slavko, stays with you throughout the day, daily Mass, devotions, conferences, American-style breakfast, Family style dinner and all beverages including juice, coffee, tea and wine from local vineyards. (Refer to ‘What’s Included’ section for complete details). If you wish to share a room and Peace Center Tours cannot find a roommate for you, the single supplement fee will be waived.
This offer applies only to our designated escorted trips that are marked: share waived.

Standard Pilgrimages:
Include: Airfare, room at family home, breakfast & dinner, transportation and escort. (See Departures & Price chart)

Pilgrimages for 10 or more days: are available see other page

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