Why Medjugorje?

loisfaceI had stopped going to church years ago, but prayed the rosary and had a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother. That’s why I went to Medjugorje. I went to Medjugorje not only because I knew she was there, but also that she could help me. I was suffering from severe headaches and looking for ways to recover from 12 years of bulimia and pain, without taking painkillers. I was afraid and didn’t know I was unhappy, and blamed other people for my situation. I was on and off diet pills and had a marriage in name only …not even sharing meal times with my family. I isolated myself from both my husband and son because I couldn’t face them to let them know how much I needed them.
Through Mary to her son Jesus by the love and grace of the Holy Spirit, in my weakness He has made me strong. Conversion is to change, and I no longer suffer with headaches and fear of food. I found in Medjugorje the answers and the strength that only God can give. Please let me share with you what I found there …. His Peace and Love.
Lois Malik

tedI spent 23 of my 35 years of married life absent from God and my church. My wife Lois, after visiting Medjugorje was now smiling and laughing and really enjoyed her life. I admit that some envy and jealousy had entered my thoughts. If this is what praying and going to Medjugorje had done for her, I wanted that same joy and peace too!
Well, it happened to me! Since my first day in Medjugorje to today, I know Our Lady softened my heart and changed my way of life…for the rest of my life. I now find that within my marriage and my daily life there is joy, because I know that each day I’m working for Mary, and that Our Lady will show me the way.
Ted Malik