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jacksonInternationally renowned speakers and authors who have hosted documentaries as seen on THE HISTORY CHANNEL – THE REAL FACE OF JESUS, CNN and the BBC. In 1978 he led the renowned scientific team of The Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) that did the first carbon dating of the Holy Shroud of Turin. John and Rebecca are the founders of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado – please look at their wonderful website www.shroudofturin.com

A Personal Invitation from John and Rebecca Jackson

Dear Friend,

We are inviting you to join us for a special pilgrimage. The weather is lovely and this pilgrimage would be an extraordinary time of grace for your family and friends. The search for a deeper understanding of God and a better appreciation of the history and life of the Church is the central aim of our journey together.

During our stay in Medjugorje, we have a chance at the end of each day’s activities to return for dinner at our local family’s home to enjoy home cooked Croatian meals prepared for us by Andrej’s mother who provides for us as if we were members of her own family. In Rome, our hotel is conveniently located near St. John Lateran allowing us to retreat into the solace of prayer after our days activities whenever we chose. You will find John and Rebecca’s insights truly captivating as they share the fruits of their many visits and research. We may even have the chance to meet Vatican monsignor’s and perhaps even an archbishop….

Please consider joining us.
John and Rebecca


medj-vickaDay 1: Depart USA
Depart USA accompanied by John and Rebecca on a connecting flight for Split, Croatia*. Connecting flights NOTE: You have the option to purchase your individual Air Tickets, email us if you do not wish to join our group flights.Specia1
Day 2: Split Medjugorje
Arriving at the Split International* airport greeted by our local Catholic guide, you are accompanied on your transfer by private coach on a scenic 2 1/2 hour drive to the village of Medjugorje. Geographically, the village of Medjugorje is remote and not easily accessible. After refreshing ourselves, and welcomed by our local family on arrival, dinner awaits us. We are – near Apparition Hill – a short walk from St. James Church.

Day 3-4-5: Medjugorje Bijacovici Mirjana’s Monthly Apparition Blue Cross Podbrdo (Apparition Hill) Oasis of Peace Cenacolo Krizevac (Cross Mountain) Our visits include the places where the young visionaries first saw the Blessed Mother in the fields and on the hilltop just a stones throw from where we stay. We are across from Apparition Hill where they gathered regularly to pray. Our local guide appointed by the Franciscans of St. James will relate their personal experiences during the early days of the apparitions that occurred on Podbrdo at the Blue Cross and on the top of Mt. Krizevac as we walk in their footsteps throughout our stay. You have the flexibility and freedom to join in our pre-arranged meetings at the Oasis of Peace and the Cenacolo as you wish.selahs4We join Mirjana the visionary during her monthly apparition, a very special grace filled experience. After dinner, you may wish to join the local parishioners as they gather one evening to pray the Rosary in church. Or pray with the visionary’s local prayer group as they gather on Apparition Hill at 8:30 pm (day to be advised). Daily Mass, the Rosary, Friday evening Veneration of the Cross, daily Eucharistic Adoration are scheduled as our walks allow us to more fully enter into this time of great grace. Walking this holy ground frees you and heals you as countless pilgrims have reported who have medically documented cures.

Day 6-7: Medjugorje Vionici Surmanci Adoration Chapel Meetings to pray with the visionaries (depending on availability) are scheduled by our guide at Surmanci* and Vionici* where Vicka had many apparitions with miraculous healings reported to the Franciscans even to this day at the Chapel of Adoration in Vionici. Time to revisit on our own, Apparition Hill and those memorable places that will remain in our hearts forever as we prepare to say farewell.

Day 8: Return to USA


Blue Cross

Day 1: Depart Medjugorje after breakfast and Mass, we leave Medjugorje as we drive along the spectacular Adriatric Coast for our departure on an afternoon flight to Rome. On arrival at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, after clearing Customs and Immigration, we transfer to our Hotel to checkin and refresh ourselves before dinner together this evening. You may wish to take a leisurely orientation stroll from our hotel to get to know one another.


Day 2-3: Holy Rome
Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel
Papal Audience St. Peter’s Basilica Roman Forum Coliseum St. John Lateran Scala Santa
One morning we begin with the Papal Audience before our visit to St. Peter’s Basilica containing countless relics of our faith which is built upon the tomb of St. Peter. In the Basilica, we visit the Chair of St. Peter and Michelangelo’s Pieta to name a few of the outstanding works of art for all to see. This brief description is not enough to describe the deep emotions you will feel visiting the underground grottoes beneath St. Peter’s. It is as if we were traveling back in time as we descend from the upper church to the sacred tomb below kneeling in the Crypt before the bones of the Apostle Peter. Time for personal reflection as well as time to climb to the Dome of the Basilica. During our walks, following in the footsteps of the Saints who lived their lives in this holy city – ie. St. Francis of Assisi, St. Ignatius of Loyola – we are reminded by their example how they have kept the church turned toward Christ.

Vatican1Our visit to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel acquaints us with the special veneration Michelangelo had for Jesus Christ as evidenced in his paintings and in his agonizing Pieta. Our walk through the Imperial Forum once packed with monuments, basilicas and temples gives us a sense of what daily life must have been like in ancient Rome – full of clamor and chaos. We enter the Coliseum where even mock sea battles were once staged before we continue to Via di San Giovanni Laterano to the great basilica that has survived from the 3rd century – St.John Lateran. It contains many important relics of our faith most especially part of the wooden table used by St. Peter to celebrate the holy Eucharist. The successors of St. Peter would celebrate Mass on that same altar used by the Apostle himself. Then visit the Holy Stairs which were brought by St. Helena from Jerusalem to Rome that were taken from the house of Pontius Pilate that Christ ascended. Time is allowed for us to reverently ascend on our knees to the Santa Santorum on top.Shroud of Turin

Day 4: Rome Manopello Lanciano
Shrine of the Holy Face of Manopello Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano
Today’s drive past lush vineyards through the valleys of Abruzzo, include a visit to the Shrine of the Holy Face. Located in a little mountain town along the Pescara River, Pope Benedict XVI journeyed there in 2006. The Church of the Volto Santo contains the image of the face of Christ which reposes high above the altar. The Pope had said during his pilgrimage to the Shrine: “Seeking the face of Jesus must be the longing of all of us Christians; indeed we are “the generation” which seeks his Face in our day, the Face of the God of Jacob. If we persevere in our quest for the Face of the Lord, at the end of our earthly pilgrimage, He, Jesus, will be our eternal joy…”euch1Our drive continues to Lanciano, to visit the site of the famous Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano that took place well over a thousand years ago. The monstrance reposes for all to see in the Church of St. Francis, located not far from the Adriatic Seashore. We are planning a meeting with Fr. Carmine Cucinetti, Rector of the Shrine who will talk to us about how it has survived through the ages. It is also the birthplace of St. Longinus, the Roman soldier who thrust the spear into Christ’s side on the first Good Friday.

Day 4-5: Rome
Catacombs Appian Way Saint Peter in Chains Santa Croce en Gerusalleme

Roman ForumVisiting the Patriarchal Church of St. Peter in Chains is a unique mixture of history and legend which contains the chains that traditions tells us bound St. Peter during his imprisonment. The church is full of extraordinary objects ie. Michelangelo’s sculpture of Moses. It is the underground chambers that are even more fascinating with remnants of a 3rd century villa, gardens and fountains of the Imperial Palace it once was. Our drive along the Appian Way brings us to the Catacombs where thousands of early Christians were entombed as they await Resurrection Day. Descending below deep underground, profound emotions surface as you see the early Christian representations of the carpenter from Nazareth symbolised on marble slabs covering thousands loculi (their tombs). Returning to the Eternal City we visit the wonderful church of Santa Croce which contains the relics of Our Lord’s Passion that tradition tells us were discovered by St. Helena in the Holy Land. They include pieces of Christ’s cross, crucifixion nails and the Titulus. John and Rebecca’s insights and knowledge will truly captivate you regarding the relics history and authenticity of our Holy Mother Church. Free time on your own.

Day 6: Return home.

Round-trip Airfare:
from New York/Newark to Split*; Split to Rome; Rome to New York/Newark
Price from your hometown airport is additional
6 nights accommodation in Medjugorje pilgrim home with private bathroom (based on two in a room)
4 nights accommodation in Rome (based on two in a room)
Hosted by John & Rebecca Jackson – lectures
Daily in Medjugorje-American family style, with coffee and juice
Daily buffet breakfasts in Rome, with coffee and juice
Daily in Medjugorje-Family style including wine and beverages
2 Dinners in Rome
Round-trip Airport Transfers, private luxury air-conditioned motorcoach
All sightseeing and touring in air-conditioned motorcoach
Tour Director
All sightseeing and entrance fees as per published itinerary
Mass and Devotions
Airport taxes to be advised.
All tips included: for all escorts, guides, drivers, hotel staff, dinners etc
All local taxes, porters tips and fees are included
Price $3895.00 with airfare from New York/Newark
Price $2895.00 without airfare:
Airport Transfers not included
Single Supplement: To be advised
*Subject to change

* OPTIONAL 7 DAY MEDJUGORJE ONLY VISIT AVAILABLE Email: info@peacecentertours.com for price details

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